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Fuse Your Exercise Routines with Aerial Acrobatic Classes in Newcastle. Contact Bella’s Pole Studio Today to Learn Acrobatics!

Another day, another treadmill: you trudge into the gym, dreading the routine your trainer has created for you. You’ll spend hours completing the same series of movements and targeting the same muscles. Exercising has become tedious, and it’s far too tempting to turn around and slink back to the couch.

Don’t succumb to gym fatigue. Let Bella’s Pole Studio instead fuse your fitness with diverse routines. Join our aerial acrobatic classes in Newcastle and rediscover how fun working out can be.

Bella’s Pole Studio: About Us

As the premier provider of acrobatic classes in Newcastle, Bella’s Pole Studio recognises the necessity of exercising. We also understand, however, that gym visits can provide more frustrating than fruitful, with men and women forced to endure repetitive regimens. This doesn’t inspire fitness. It instead inspires apathy.

This is why we offer acrobatics in Newcastle. Our experienced team — led by company founder, Bella, a sponsored athlete of ASN Charlestown and an X-Pole Australia Doubles Protégé — connects students to exciting routines. They emphasise a blend of techniques, with each week revealing new fundamentals to master. This variety counters boredom with ease.

Our Aerial Acrobatic Classes in Newcastle

Achieve high-flying fun in our aerial classes. These courses (which have eight-week terms, with students meeting for one hour each week) delve into the world of spins and suspensions. They combine graceful movements with exceptional power, proving perfect for every exercise routine. We offer:

Aerial Silks

Challenge yourself with silks, swinging from the ceiling while mastering contortions and upper-body strength.

Aerial Lyras

Create unforgettable poses with the lyra (also known as the hoop or the ring). Learn to dance in mid-air as you develop your arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Aerial acrobatic classes in Newcastle guide students through an ever-changing world of techniques, defying gravity each week.

Our Acrobatic Classes in Newcastle

Discover the art of perfect balance. Acrobatics in Newcastle allows students to perform daring feats of strength and contortion, requiring precise control over every muscle. Each course runs for eight weeks and provides a series of gymnastic thrills. Enjoy tumbling, contorting, and more.

Acrobatic classes in Newcastle cater to a variety of skill levels, ensuring that even first-time flippers have positive experiences. For those uncertain about adding acro to their full-time exercise routines, Bella’s Pole Studio also offers casual class opportunities. Visit us whenever you choose.

Embrace Acrobatics in Newcastle. Contact Bella’s Pole Studio Today!

You demand more than a trip to the gym. You crave variety, wanting to spice your weeks with silk suspensions, hoops, and tumbling. To learn more about our aerial and acrobatic courses contact us today. Our team will gladly answer any questions or even schedule a term for 2017.






Unit 3/37
Alliance Avenue
Morisset NSW 2264


Unit 7/122
Garden Grove Parade
Adamstown NSW 2289

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