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Fuse Your Exercise Routines with Aerial Acrobatic Classes in Newcastle. Contact Bella’s Pole Studio Today to Learn Acrobatics!

Another day, another treadmill: you trudge into the gym, dreading the routine your trainer has created for you. You’ll spend hours completing the same series of movements and targeting the same muscles. Exercising has become tedious, and it’s ...read more.

Searching for Dance Classes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, or Maitland? Bella’s Pole Studio Accommodates All Skill Levels.

Here at Bella’s Pole Studio we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to dance in a safe, fun and interactive environment. We offer dance classes in Newcastle, dance classes in Lake Macquarie, and dance classes in ...read more.

Looking for Pole Dance Studios in Newcastle, Maitland, and Beyond? Bella’s Pole Studio Offers Classes for Women and Men.

An unfortunate stereotype lingers in every Newcastle dance studio. Pole classes are, it’s assumed, intended only for women — with men neither welcomed nor appreciated. This gender division has persisted for years, and it seems impossible ...read more.

Establish Healthy Patterns with Aerial Acrobatics for Kids in Newcastle. Let Bella’s Pole Studio Inspire Fitness and Smiles.

Children are no longer impressed by just simple outdoor adventures, watching T.V or using the internet. As they sit in comfortable corners, viewing the world through high-definition imagery — the cost of this has proven high, with the ...read more.

Experience the Benefits of Hip Hop Dancing in Maitland and Newcastle-Bella’s Pole Studio Delivers Good Vibrations and Good Health on the Central Coast.

Let Bella’s Pole Studio help! Through exciting routines with qualified instructors, we connect our students to the benefits of movement. Let hip hop dancing in Maitland, Newcastle and beyond, redefine your health ...read more.

Become a Master of Aerial Silks in Newcastle and Charlestown ? Boost Your Skills at Bella's Pole Studio

Among the most beautiful disciplines in the world of acrobatics, the aerial silks are also among the most intensive. Performers must have a high amount of grace, in addition to incredible core strength, flexibility, power, and more ...read more.

Ready to Learn How to Pole Dance? Newcastle Beginners Can Get Started at Bella's Pole Studio!

If you're interested in learning how to pole dance, Newcastle has something right up your alley! Bella's Pole Studio, a specialty dance studio where everyone from beginners to seasoned pros can get pole dance lessons. Of course, if you're ...read more.

Boost Your Confidence and Get Fit! Take Lessons in Pole Dancing in Charlestown, Newcastle, Maitland, and Central Coast

The prospect of trying pole dancing can be a little bit intimidating at first. Pole dancing is unlike any other type of fitness activity out there, even other types of dance, and when you see someone performing acrobatic moves on the pole ...read more.

Interested in Pole Dancing Classes? Central Coast, Newcastle and Maitland Residents Find Expert Instruction at Bella's Pole Studio

Are you ready to take your pole dancing to the next level? Perhaps you've been pole dancing for a while and you've already mastered the basics, but you've seen what some of other dancers can do and you know you have what it takes to master ...read more.

Whether You're a Beginner or an Expert, Enjoy the Fun of Pole Dancing at a Pole Studio in Newcastle, Charlestown, or Central Coast

Pole dancing is graceful, elegant and exciting. Seeing the acrobatic moves that some people manage on the pole makes you think that it's something only an expert could manage, and so you have quietly brushed aside your dreams of taking a pole ...read more.

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