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Become a Master of Aerial Silks in Newcastle and Charlestown? Boost Your Skills at Bella's Pole Studio

Among the most beautiful disciplines in the world of acrobatics, the aerial silks are also among the most intensive. Performers must have a high amount of grace, in addition to incredible core strength, flexibility, power, and more than a little bit of courage in order to master this art. It is gaining in popularity, partly because it is such an astonishing way to build up strength, making it a powerful workout tool to add to ones fitness program.

With aerial silks, an individual is suspended in the air by nothing more than a special type of fabric, which is looped around the body in a special type of way. Most people know this type of movement through the acrobatic feats of performers in acts in shows such as Cirque du Soleil, but now you can learn aerial silks in Newcastle or Charlestown.

How Can You Get Started Learning Aerial Silks in Newcastle or Charlestown?

First things first, you can be sure that your instructor will assume that you have never tried aerial silks before you have taken their class. This means that when you take lessons for aerial silks at Newcastle or Charlestown, the lessons will be simple enough that you will be able to keep up, even if you are a beginner when it comes to these kinds of acrobatics.

Additionally, while some amount of upper body strength can never hurt, you don't need immense amounts of strength to get started. You will build up this strength as you progress through the lessons, and will likely be surprised by how quickly you are able to master what is needed to perform some basic feats needed to do some impressive artistry on the aerial silks!

You do not use safety lines, and rely purely on aerial skills. Newcastle studios such as Bella's Pole Studio can teach you a comprehensive set of skills including ways of using the fabric to wrap, swing, spiral, and fall your body into and out of various positions.

Our hour-long kids classes in Adamstown teach kids the basics of acro, aerial skills and aerial hoop (lyra). Great for building core strength and upper body strength your young ones love this kind of exercise.

All of our instructors are skilled and qualified and have NSW government clearance to work with children through the Working with Children Check programme. We also have public liability insurance in place.

Contact us today on 0402 028 438 or via email on info@bellaspolestudio.com.au to book your first lesson.

Alternatively, you can attend one of our regular information sessions (week 8 of every term) to see how much fun you could have at Bella's Pole Studio while increasing your fitness level.

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