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Establish Healthy Patterns with Aerial Acrobatics for Kids in Newcastle. Let Bella’s Pole Studio Inspire Fitness and Smiles.

Children are no longer impressed by just simple outdoor adventures, watching T.V or using the internet. As they sit in comfortable corners, viewing the world through high-definition imagery — the cost of this has proven high, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics noting that one-quarter of the adolescent population is now obese.

Parents are, understandably, concerned. Bella’s Pole Studio wishes to ease that concern, offering families the chance to redefine their fitness routines and rediscover the excitement of movement. This is why we offer aerial acrobatic classes in Newcastle. We help children experience the thrills of silks, hoops, and more.

Bella’s Pole Studio: About Us

As the leading centre for kids acrobatics in Newcastle, Bella’s Pole Studio promotes health and fun for all ages. Our experienced instructors — all fully insured and boast the appropriate Working With Children Check clearances — inspire interest, confidence, and improved lifestyle habits with every class. They showcase the fundamentals of acrobatics in ways that are accessible to every student.

They also encourage children to abandon the couch for more dynamic experiences. Acrobatics for kids in Newcastle transforms exercise into excitement. Contact us today to learn more!

Kids Acrobatics in Newcastle: Our Classes

Every day men and women arrive at Bella’s Pole Studio, expressing themselves in a series of routines and training regimens. They’re novices, professionals, and soon-to-be masters: all determined to gain proficiency in acrobatics, jazz, hip hop, and more.

Their children can now do the same. Aerial acrobatic classes in Newcastle allow students (ages 4 and up) to experience the thrills of aerial silks, aerial hoops, tumbling, balancing, and more. Our qualified instructors cater to all ability levels, allowing even the tiniest of tots to gain fundamental skills. They provide safe and encouraging environments, and their Working With Children Check credentials ensure that every routine is properly overseen.

Acrobatics for Kids in Newcastle: Our Class Schedules

All aerial acrobatic classes in Newcastle feature eight-week terms. During these terms, students meet once a week for one hour (4.30pm-5.30pm), receiving introductions to all forms of acro techniques. We encourage parents to stay during these sessions, enabling them to see their children’s progress.

Acrobatics for Kids in Newcastle: No Experience Needed

Every fitness journey has a beginning. Bella’s Pole Studio recognises that these beginnings may sometimes prove difficult, with children concerned about their lack of acro training. This is why we create friendly environments, providing classes for all skill levels. No experience is needed to enjoy the silks, hoops, and more.

Searching for Kids Acrobatic Classes in Newcastle? Contact Bella’s Pole Studio Today.

The lure of the screen is impossible to deny - unless more exciting alternatives are available for your children. Aerial classes is that alternative! Contact Bella’s Pole Studio to learn more today!





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