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Looking for Pole Dance Studios in Newcastle, Maitland, and Beyond? Bella’s Pole Studio Offers Classes for Women and Men.

An unfortunate stereotype lingers in every Newcastle dance studio. Pole classes are, it’s assumed, intended only for women — with men neither welcomed nor appreciated. This gender division has persisted for years, and it seems impossible to overcome.

Bella’s Pole Studio defies that impossibility. We offer classes for women and men, stressing an all-inclusive policy for all pole routines. As the premier dance studio in Maitland and Newcastle, we believe that everyone has the right to experience exciting fitness opportunities. We accept all students and all skill levels.

Bella’s Pole Studio: About Us

Since 2010, we’ve served as the leading dance studio in Newcastle and beyond, offering Central Coast residents exceptional courses and equally exceptional fun. Our award-winning team — with dozens of titles and more than 30 years of experience shared between them — caters to women and men alike. They promote safe and friendly environments, allowing students to focus on the routines (not the stereotype).

Searching for a Newcastle dance studio? Trust our qualified instructors to provide dynamic courses for every student. Contact us today to learn more!

Choosing a Dance Studio in Maitland or Newcastle: Our Pole Classes

Pole dancing is a demanding sport. It challenges every muscle in the body, requiring strength, stamina, and flexibility to master its many techniques. This challenge is what makes it an essential fitness option for men and women - enhancing your core and toning arms, legs, and shoulders alike. It promotes fitness for all.

This is why we offer a series of pole options, ensuring that students of all ages and abilities can access the routines they need. Choose from these classes when visiting our dance studio in Newcastle:

Beginners 1: No experience is required to participate in this class. Beginners 1 showcases the fundamentals of pole dancing.

Beginners 2: This class introduces students to new moves and increased body strength. It’s intended for those who have completed Beginners 1.

Intermediate 1-6: Achieve full-body workouts in our Intermediate classes. Master climbs and learn how to create personal routines.

Advanced 1-6: Our Advanced courses emphasise aerial moves, with men and women mastering upper-body strength and flexibility.

Master: After completing the Advanced 6 class, Newcastle dance studio participants receive Master instruction. This class is for those wishing to pursue the pole arts on competitive levels. It integrates acrobatics into every routine.

Each of these classes delivers key pole techniques, allowing our students to progress through the dance process naturally. Trust our qualified instructors to educate, inspire, and provide support through every stage.

Searching for a Dance Studio in Maitland or a Dance Studio in Newcastle? Contact Bella’s Pole Studio Today.

Pole dancing knows no gender rules. It’s an exercise that instead delivers crucial fitness advantages (and undeniable fun) to men and women. Let the Bella’s team show you why. Contact the studio today to schedule an appointment:





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